Samstag, 30. August 2008

Setup Rails 2.1 on Mac Leopard

A version of rails and gem is already installed on the mac so we will update and expand on this installation as follows
  1. Get and Install TextMate
  2. Get and Download MacPorts - Leopard (universal). After the download and installation, edit or add to .bash_profile file the following: export PATH="/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH" (see here for more details)
  3. Update macports from the command line terminal with: >sudo port selfupdate. NOTE: I had a problem with awk not being found during the installation. This was solved by running the installation again.
  4. Install Git and Svn integration as follows: >sudo port install git-core +doc +svn
  5. Update gems with: >sudo gem update
  6. Install Rspec gem with: > sudo gem install rspec
  7. Install Zentest with: >sudi gem install ZenTest. You don't need to install the gem if you are only using rails. Zentest enables autotesting in the background.
  8. Install Rspec TextMate bundle specifically for rails supporting development: cd to the TextMate Bundles directory, i.e. > cd ~/Library/Appliction\Support/TextMate/Bundles. Then: > git git clone git:// RSpec.tmbundle

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