Samstag, 30. August 2008

Setup New Rails Project

  1. Create a new project with: >rails name_of_project, then: >cd name_of_project
  2. Optionally if using other database than Sqlite: > rake db:create:all
  3. Install RSpec Plugin & Framework. Refer to the latest instructions.
  4. Run the RSpec generator to create framework: >ruby script/generate rspec
  5. Create latest plugin documents on local drive with: rake doc:plugins. Location of documentation is "name_of_project/doc/plugins/respec-rails/index.html. Open directly in browser with: open -a Firefox doc/plugins/rspec_on_rails/index.html. Or open index.html
  6. Install and run RSpec plugin framework if needed
  7. Create the git repository with a cd to the "name_of_project" directory and then:
>git config --global "your name"
>git config --global "your mail@provider"
>git config --global apply.whitespace nowarn

to check the settings see .gitconfig or: >git config --list

>git init (creates local repository and the .git directory)

create a .gitignore file and add file to ignore

>git add . (add all file and contents to firstime checkin)
>git commit -m "first commit"
>git status (check the repos)

see git cheatsheet for more

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