Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Converting database time to human time

model.created_at.begining_of_day.strftime(%B, %Y)
>October, 2008

%a weekday name.
%A weekday name (full).
%b month name.
%B month name (full).
%c date and time (locale)
%d day of month [01,31].
%H hour [00,23].
%I hour [01,12].
%j day of year [001,366].
%m month [01,12].
%M minute [00,59].
%p AM or PM
%S Second [00,61]
%U week of year (Sunday)[00,53].
w weekday [0(Sunday),6].
W week of year (Monday)[00,53].
x date (locale).
%X time (locale).
%y year [00,99].
%Y year [2000].
%Z timezone name.

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